Image Consulting

Image management is an ongoing process of evaluating and enhancing self presentation by understanding our likes, dislikes, goals and roles. It is about creating right YOU in the minds of others by managing appearance, non verbal communication, proxemics and paralinguistics.  The outcome is increased confidence and feeling comfortable with true self.

If you want to become more successful, influence others; want to communicate correct messages not only through your words but also through your appearance avail our Image consulting services.

Our Image Management trainings are niche training programs in the market. Ever wondered why some people are perceived better than others, even though they are all equally capable. It is because they know to manage their Image. Image Management is a life skill. Not many are aware that it is a very powerful tool for winning. It influences perceptions. We help people to evaluate and control the impact of one’s appearance on self, on others and on the achievements of their goals.

What’s in it for You

Avail our services when:

  • You have been invited for a corporate event; however you are not sure how to project yourself professionally
  • You want to grow up the career ladder or you have been given a leadership position; however you are not sure how to build your image as a trustworthy and reliable leader
  • You are a leader and want your employees to be trained on grooming and business etiquette
  • You are appearing for an interview/ meeting a client for the first time and want to create a positive first impression
  • You are a student and require grooming and want to learn nuances of corporate culture and many more…….

Why you should know about Image Management?

We humans are more responsive to visual information and take much longer to understand words. Researchers have discovered that our brain can interpret images that our eyes see for only 13 milliseconds! This is ten times faster than a blink of an eye. There might be some variation to the above mentioned numbers; however the case in point is “Image speaks louder than words”. It affects people’s perception.

Let’s look at some practical examples

Imagine yourself standing late at night at an auto or taxi stand. Out of many you approach one particular taxi or auto person for the ride, if you have an option to choose from. Why do you approach that particular person! Just randomly! No. It’s because our brain gives us a signal that he appears to be more trustworthy and reliable than others. What lead us to this assumption? The way he looks and behaves, right!

Imagine another situation  

You are looking for a job. You have appeared for numbers of interviews; however have failed to crack any. Chances are more that you are not creating a good first impression. (Impressions are perceptions that people make based on your image). First impressions can have a lasting effect on people’s feeling about you as an employee. This is the power of Image!

Importance of Image Management

In any field of life your image will always impact your success ratio. Image is created by what we do and how we do. Based on your Image, people make assumptions about your competence, credibility, honesty and trustworthiness. That’s a lot! Whether you are a business owner, employee or job seeker how you manage your image can make or break your career. Hence Image management is of utmost importance.