HR Consulting

With years of experience and knowledge in HR domain, our expert team helps organizations to create robust processes and implement proven systems. We provide a customized HR solution to start ups and established organizations.

Compensation and Benefits
  • Design and manage Compensation Plans (Annual Increment Plan)
  • Design Salary Structure considering the position and business needs
  • Design Long Term Incentive Plans
  • Design and manage Incentive, Bonus and Stock Plans
  • Grading of the job
  • Internal Salary Benchmarking
  • Design and optimize Benefit plans
  • Strategize Corporate Insurance plans (GMC, GPA, GTL, WC, etc.)
Policies and Procedures

We work closely with HR and Executive team of the client to understand their business needs. We strategize and design all HR policies and compile it in Employee Hand Book.

HR Operations
  • Identify problem / concern areas in HR Operations and provide appropriate solutions
  • Improvise existing policy and procedures to enhance the productivity and impact of HR Operations Team
Change Management

Change is an integral part of life and is constant in most organizations.

  • We analyze new systems / processes to anticipate areas which will impact the most
  • We strategize the implementation plan and prepare a charter for smooth change management
Performance and Reward Management
  • Define and align Key Performance Indicators/ Goals of employees’ with company's goals
  • Institutionalize Goal Setting and Performance feedback system
  • Define career path and Succession Planning for hi-pots
Merger and Acquisition
  • Conduct HR due diligence
  • Transition of data including Payroll and HR Technology
  • Harmonization Salary and Benefits
Value Add Services
  • Special projects
  • HR Process Audit
  • P-file audit
  • Attrition analysis
  • Exit Analysis
  • HR Analytics
  • Competency Mapping