Want a Good Job? Make a Good Resume

Are you struggling to get calls for job interviews in spite of having the required skill set? Chances are more that you do not have an impressive resume. A resume is the first thing that employers see to decide on whether they would want to see You or not! So an impressive resume is of utmost importance. It is not just a summary of work experience, it is a marketing tool. It is a package to market your brand! On an average 200-250 resumes are received for a job position. Your resume has to stand out from this huge pool to get selected for an interview. What is challenging in today’s times is that your resume not only has to impress hiring managers but also software applications – applicant tracking systems (ATS). 5 tips are mentioned below to help you to make a good resume. There are many more tips but start with below mentioned at least. You will get to know more in subsequent posts.
1. Resume Length – Resume length should be of one to two pages. One page resume is a great choice for a college pass out or for people with less number of years of work experience. It is generally advised to limit resume length to 1-2 pages, however if you have lots of skills, awards, publications, achievements in your kitty don’t hesitate to flaunt by mentioning those in your resume even if it goes beyond 2 pages. (However, then it will get into the category of CV. CVs are of 3-4 pages). People who are in the field of science and academia with lots of publications and projects may need more than 2 pages; others limit it to 2 pages.

2. Choose Simple Font – Simple font is not only easy to read for a human eye but also for applicant tracking systems. Fonts like Verdana, Arial, Calibri, and Times New Roman make your resume clear and easy to read. Exceptions can be made for people in creative, art, design roles.

3. Keep Font Size readable – Reading your resume should not make your hiring managers’ eyes squint. The ideal size would depend on the particular font you are using; it should be between 10 to 12 points. Don’t make the font size very small just to fit in all details in the “market standard of 1-2 page resume”. Easy readability is of utmost importance. If it will be harder for the hiring manager to read, you may loose a chance of getting called in.

4. Know which skill set to mention – Employers look for both hard and soft skills in applicants. Hard skills are specific job related skills that you learn in academics and on the job e.g. computer programming, machine operation, accounting etc. Soft skills are people skills e.g. interpersonal skills, communication skills. Professions like HR, Sales, Customer Service place higher value on soft skill whereas professions like Computer Programming, Accounting place higher value on hard skills. When applying for a job, identify the job specific skills required for the position and do include them in your resume. E.g. If a job requires interpersonal skills you can mention in your resume by following ways- “I used my interpersonal skills to resolve the issues faced by my sales team” or “I was instrumental in resolving the issues faced by my sales team”.

5. Use keywords – According to research studies, hiring managers on an average spend just 6-7 seconds on your CV. In these short crucial seconds if they don’t find keywords that match their requirements your resume may go to the bin. Many organizations use ATS to screen candidates. ATS eliminates resumes based on keywords. Embed keywords in your resume to increase your chance of getting interview calls. You will find keywords in the job postings. Identify keywords from there and do mention them in your resume.
Be certain to not have any typos or errors in your resume. Do a lot of research before you start to make your resume. Get your resume made professionally if you don’t have time or expertise to make a resume that will stand out.

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